National School Library Standards Card Game

Practice Distance Learning

Engage with your PLN exploring the AASL Standards and implementation strategies while observing social distancing. Download instructions for organizing virtual game play.

Promote Conversation

Order your own game for a powerful interactive professional development activity that is different every time you play.

To help explore the AASL Standards and facilitate professional conversation, AASL has created a deck of cards that can be used by school librarians as a professional development tool. This game was designed to aid in conceptualizing the standards, developing implementation strategies, considering differing approaches with stakeholders, and promoting conversation among practitioners.

The deck is split into five sections. Basic game play instructions are provided, with ideas for alternate playing rules. As you get familiar with the game and with the AASL Standards, feel free to get creative and create new rules and new learner or stakeholder personas to meet the needs of your community.

Possible ways to use the game include but are not limited to:

  1. Affiliate state workshops
  2. District In-Service Days
  3. Educator-Team Brainstorming
  4. Library Science Courses
  5. Personal Self Reflection

Download, print, and cut your own game deck. Cards sheets are designed to print front and back on letter-sized paper. One complete game facilitates 2-3 tables of 4-8 players. The game play instructions will help you determine how many cards of each type you should print for the number of players in your activity.

A complete game deck includes:
(7 Unique Decks, 236 Total Cards)

Reviews From School Librarian Game Players

“This game is great for rolling out the AASL Standards now and for future years to come. It’s a great way for librarians in our state associations to start talking with each other.”

Reviews From School Librarian Game Players

“It’s not just about the standards. This game is about how we are working together in our schools.”

Reviews From School Librarian Game Players

“I think this game will give people an opportunity to take a big breath and realize that they already do these things with their administrators, teachers, etc. It’s an entry point for people.”

Reviews From School Librarian Game Players

“The game helped me identify scenarios that I could connect with. I liked using the standards as a lens to problem-solve.”

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