School librarians empower students to Think, Create, Share, and Grow in the school library as they learn to harness curiosity, model responsibility, inspire exploration, promote creativity, and deepen understanding. School libraries create equity and prepare all learners for college, career, and life.

Student outcomes improve when parents are involved. Ask your school librarian how you can support learning in school and at home.

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How does the school library support your child?

Tips to help support learning in school and at home.

Share this article with your child’s school and district administrators.

The September 2018 issue of District Administration magazine features a two-page spread highlighting district-wide applications of the National School Library Standards. Share this article with your child’s school principal, school board members, and anyone in the policy position to support exploration and collaboration through the school library.

This issue also contains a dozen other articles on topics that easily align school libraries with district educational goals:

  • PD’s role in educational equity
  • Connecting community service to learning
  • Beyond football: New interscholastic sports
  • District CIO: IT and personalized learning
  • Product Focus: Collaborative classroom displays

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