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National School Library Standards for Learners, School Librarians, and School Libraries
The new National School Library Standards reflect an evolution of AASL learning standards and program guidelines, now referred to as “Standards” and framed within a single text. These standards feature a new streamlined and integrated standards framework, ensuring that standards-related activities are mutually reinforcing for learners, school librarians, and school libraries.

Download the revised index, published in the August 2018 reprint of the National School Library Standards.

ISBN: 978-0-8389-1579-0
2018 ­ softcover ­ 320 pp ­ 7” x 10”
$199  |  ALA Members: $149
AASL Members: $99

AASL Standards Framework for Learners
The AASL Standards Framework for Learners pamphlet is the ideal collaborative and advocacy piece to introduce your stakeholders to this student-focused segment at the heart of AASL’s standards. In addition to the framework for learners, this convenient pamphlet includes Common Beliefs reflecting current learning environments and professional best practices that form the foundation of the standards.

This is the perfect piece to share and present at:

  • District school board meetings
  • PTA/PTO meetings
  • Teacher in-service days

ISBN: 978-0-8389-1654-4
2018 ­ pamphlet ­ 8 pp ­ 8.5” x 11”
Sold in packs of 10
Price: $16.95

Assessing Learners: Using the AASL Standards to Measure Competency and Growth
by Elizabeth A. Burns

Assessing Learners unpacks a complex and critical area of school library instruction aligned to the National School Library Standards. Readers will be able to appropriately select or design competency-based assessment tools to measure learner understanding and growth. As pre-service and in-service school librarians become more fluent with the AASL Standards and more confident in their assessment practices, this text will continue to serve as a guide for building effective lesson plans integrated with content areas. Strategies are offered for a variety of settings and learners with an emphasis on growth mindset and personalized learning.

ISBN: 978-0-8389-4914-6
2023 ­ softcover ­ 96 pp ­ 7” x 10”
$49.99 ­ |  ALA Members: $44.49
AASL Members: $40.01

Leadership: Strategic Thinking, Decision Making, Communication & Relationship Building
by Ann M. Martin & Kathleen Riopelle Roberts

Guiding school librarians to new levels of leadership, this book breaks down the National School Library Standards into authentic, easily accessible components school librarians can apply to develop their leadership style and skills. Readers will begin to recognize the leadership behaviors that connect school libraries to learner growth. Strategies, interactive tools, and best practices support readers’ further evolution into reflective leaders who spearhead library initiatives instead of being receivers of decisions.

ISBN: 978-0-8389-1907-1
2019 ­ softcover ­ 176 pp ­ 7” x 10”
$54.99  |  ALA Members: $49.49
AASL Members: $46.74

Complete Set

An immersive, and essential study of the Shared Foundations will help school library professionals deepen their context with the National School Library Standards, broaden their perspectives, make connections for personal relevance, and innovate and reflect on their practice. Although this six-book series is dedicated to the deep exploration of individual Shared Foundations, the AASL Standards frameworks cannot be implemented in isolation. Each title in this series exhibits unique priorities and parallel properties, much like the Shared Foundations themselves.

Save up to 25% off list price as an AASL member when you buy all six books in the specially priced Shared Foundations bundle! Or get up to speed by purchasing individual volumes in the series.

by Lori E. Donovan

Using inquiry process models and questioning protocols, this text explores how to develop curious and reflective lifelong learners and problem solvers while simultaneously fostering a school-wide inquiry culture. Part of the Shared Foundations series, this book examines effective implementation of the Shared Foundation Inquire from the National School Library Standards. By studying Inquire through the Domains, readers will see how the Competencies and Alignments support and demonstrate learner growth in the inquiry process and can reflect on their practices in a variety of K-12 settings. This resource is loaded with ideas and strategies to grow critical, systematic thinkers who design solutions to authentic problems.

ISBN: 978-0-8389-1916-3
2019 ­ softcover ­ 208 pp ­ 7” x 10”
$54.99 ­ |  ALA Members: $49.49
AASL Members: $46.74

by Julie Stivers

Include, part of a six-volume series on the Shared Foundations in AASL’s National School Library Standards, brings together a chorus of school librarians, scholars, and students representing a wide range of races, ethnicities, experiences, and identities. Readers will gain a deeper understanding of the concepts of Include and how to successfully integrate this Shared Foundation in terms of collection, space, and instruction. This book offers key research; learner and educator voices and experience; easy-to-implement ideas, inspiring stories and events of transformation; as well as reflections, questions, and action steps to help readers move their practice forward.

ISBN: 978-0-8389-1917-0
2021 ­ softcover ­ 112 pp ­ 7” x 10”
$54.99 ­ |  ALA Members: $49.49
AASL Members: $46.74

by Mary Catherine Coleman

If your goal is to create a collaborative culture that enhances learning and enriches the entire school community, you’ll want this book! Part of the Shared Foundations series, this book examines effective implementation of the Shared Foundation Collaborate from the National School Library Standards. Readers will discover strategies for establishing deeper connections to school curriculum and mission, moving beyond support and resources to instructional partners. Examining the Domains of Think, Create, Share, and Grow reveals the development of the collaborative mindset in learners at different grade levels and how making both physical space and time space contribute to shaping a culture of collaboration across the learning community.

ISBN: 978-0-8389-1915-6
2019 ­ softcover ­ 144 pp ­ 7” x 10”
$54.99 ­ |  ALA Members: $49.49
AASL Members: $46.74

by Daniella LaShaun Smith and Len Bryan

Moving the school library profession far beyond traditional collection development, Curate helps to connect learners to resources in more thoughtful, meaningful ways. Through teaching learners and other educators to overcome their own biases to find, organize, and share the best information, school librarians build connections between learners, knowledge, and the world. Field notes, learning trajectories, lesson starters, and an examination of school library policy are among the many practical features that will inspire and engage readers in reflective practice.

ISBN: 978-0-8389-1918-7
2023­ softcover ­ 112 pp ­ 7” x 10”
$54.99 ­ |  ALA Members: $49.49
AASL Members: $46.74

by Sarah Culp Searles

Explore takes readers on a journey through the broad and varied territory of school librarianship, sharing resources, ideas, and trends to help along the way. This guide is designed so that readers can Explore their practice on their own or with colleagues—so grab your compass, backpack, and boots and hit the trails! Readers will gain a deeper understanding of the Shared Foundation, including how to connect to traditional practices while moving the school library profession forward. This book offers an examination of how Explore’s Competencies and Alignments relate to other major ideas and concepts in school librarianship and the wider field of education; and ready-to-implement professional development programming for school librarians and those who support school librarians, including administrators, supervisors, and university educators.

ISBN: 978-0-8389-1919-4
2021­ softcover ­ 112 pp ­ 7” x 10”
$54.99 ­ |  ALA Members: $49.49
AASL Members: $46.74

by Kathryn Roots Lewis and Marcia A. Mardis

The final volume in the six-book series, Engage is both anchor and sail in the Shared Foundations, providing a culmination of knowledge and a starting point for new thinking that promotes learners’ dynamic, spiral, and cyclical journey with the AASL Standards. To support school librarians as they help all learners engage with the complex future of information, this book features grade-band specific learner trajectories and scenarios, action lists, reflection questions, strategies, policies, resources, and web extras for professional learning.

ISBN: 978-0-8389-1920-0
2023 softcover ­ 232 pp ­ 7” x 10”
$54.99 ­ |  ALA Members: $49.49
AASL Members: $46.74


Social and Emotional Learning for Picture Book Readers
by Maureen Schlosser

Supporting social and emotional learning (SEL) through the National School Library Standards, this book features 24 ready-to-go lesson plans that spotlight compelling picture books. Each chapter focuses on one SEL theme to help learners practice targeted social-emotional skills, including solving problems, building relationships, working in teams, recognizing and managing feelings, and engaging ethically. Most lessons can be taught in a single class period with provided anchor charts, discussion questions, and worksheets.

 ISBN: 978-0-8389-3746-4
2022 ­ softcover 216 pp ­ 7” x 10”
$49.99 ­| ALA Members: $44.99

Project-Based Learning for Elementary Grades
by Maura Madigan

This inspiring tool demonstrates how project-based learning (PBL) projects can be used in a variety of settings and provides coaching for educators who aspire to create their own projects. Madigan’s book delivers flexible, interdisciplinary, and learner-driven projects that support the National School Library Standards. Readers will find background on project-based learning (PBL), a breakdown of the essential parts of a project, and ready-made PBL projects that can be used with minimal preparation.

ISBN: 978-0-8389-3816-4
2022 ­ softcover 224 pp ­ 7” x 10”
$49.99 ­| ALA Members: $44.99

Learning Centers for School Libraries
by Maura Madigan

Learning Centers for School Libraries presents innovative, engaging, and fun ideas to target the National School Library Standards and content-area standards. It contains almost everything needed to set up learning centers in a school library. The ideas are flexible, can fit different grade levels and lesson lengths, and identify centers for distance learning. This book offers step-by-step directions and all necessary handouts; guidance on how to create cross-curricular centers and suggestions for collaboration with classroom educators; plus modifications for both struggling and advanced learners broadening the potential audience beyond elementary school learners.

ISBN: 978-0-8389-4973-3
2021 ­ softcover 280 pp ­ 7” x 10”
$49.99 ­| ALA Members: $44.99

STEAM in 30 Minutes for Elementary Learners
by Deborah Rinio

Designed to be completed in 30-minute class periods, 14 scaffolded STEAM activities enable collaboration and allow elementary school librarians to easily shift the same lesson between classes and grade levels. Engaging at greater levels of complexity or cognition, learners will think like a scientist and design like an engineer using an iterative process to make authentic learning connections and develop a growth mindset.

ISBN: 978-0-8389-4680-0
2020 ­ softcover ­ 224 pp ­ 7” x 10”
$49.99  |  ALA Members: $44.99

Lessons Inspired by Picture Books for Primary Grades
by Maureen Schlosser & Rebecca Granatini

Drawing on compelling picture books that can be used to directly support the National School Library Standards, this ready-to-go toolkit of lessons, worksheets, anchor charts, assessments, and rubrics is specifically designed to build learner competencies while examining big ideas. With this resource in hand, learners and educators alike will think, create, share, and grow as they explore big ideas inspired by picture books and work together to meet the AASL Standards.

ISBN: 978-0-8389-1775-6
2019 ­ softcover ­ 298 pp ­ 7” x 10”
$49.99  |  ALA Members: $44.99

Content-Area Collaborations for Secondary Grades
by Liz Deskins

Using the AASL Standards Framework for Learners, this book supports secondary school librarians and content-area educators working together to design and deliver creative, personalized, and authentic learning experiences. Containing 20 units rooted in the AASL Standards and tailored to foster collaboration with content areas through alignments with other sets of national standards, this ready-to-go resource is enhanced with discussion questions, rubrics, worksheets, and assessment activities.

ISBN: 978-0-8389-1944-6
2019 ­ softcover ­ 256 pp ­ 7” x 10”
$49.99  |  ALA Members: $44.99

An Introduction to Collection Development for School Librarians
by Mona Kerby

Applying an informal and practical approach, author Mona Kerby provides beginning librarians with the essential steps to effectively manage a vibrant school library collection. Supported by the National School Library Standards and ALA/AASL/CAEP standards for university preparation programs, this resource introduces the key components that influence collection development today. By focusing on the basics, readers can begin to reflect on and customize plans for action. A timesaver for the busy school librarian, this collection development digest is the tool you need to ensure success.

ISBN: 978-0-8389-1892-0
2019 ­ softcover ­ 120 pp ­ 7” x 10”
$39.99  |  ALA Members: $35.99

Embracing Culturally Responsive Practice in School Libraries
by Elisabet Kennedy

School librarians have always connected learners’ life experiences, culture, and communities to materials, projects, and processes.  As schools look to make these connections within the classroom and to the curriculum, school librarians are perfectly poised to lead and model meaningful steps toward a culturally responsive mindset. This book celebrates how learners’ cultures shape everything from their communication to how they process information. Kennedy translates complex concepts into accessible and practical school library strategies aligned with the AASL Standards while challenging readers to embrace and nurture their personal and professional growth.

ISBN: 978-0-8389-3862-1
2023 ­ softcover 144 pp ­ 7” x 10”
$49.99  |  ALA Members: $44.99

Elevating the School Library: Building Positive Perceptions through Brand Behavior
by Susan D. Ballard and Sara Kelly Johns

Branding isn’t just for companies and celebrities. Your school library is a brand too, and this book will show you how powerful the concept of branding can be. You will learn how to use it as a tool for articulating the value and importance of the school library while also better defining and delineating to stakeholders who school librarians are and why having a school librarian matters. Elevating the School Library will help school librarians improve their practice and strengthen their influence within their learning communities, increasing positive perceptions of school libraries through developing a brand in alignment with the AASL Standards.

ISBN: 978-0-8389-3870-6
2023 ­ softcover ­ 128 pp ­ 7” x 10”
$49.99 ­ |  ALA Members: $44.49


AASL Standards Mobile App

** AASL is aware that the AASL Standards Mobile App is not currently loading content and we apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, the app developer is no longer in business; AASL is in the process of securing a new developer to restore functionality. **

A companion tool to the National School Library Standards publication, the AASL Standards mobile app is a powerful tool that will help you quickly search, compare, record, and share the elements of the standards frameworks anytime, anywhere. Always have the AASL Standards at hand—during curriculum meetings, teacher collaborations, professional development, or instructional opportunities. Impress your stakeholders and maximize your collaborative opportunities as you showcase the standards that define your profession.

Item Number: AASLapp
Price: $19.99

View the Standards at Your Fingertips webinar series for building-level school librarians, district supervisors, and LIS educators to get tips and ideas for using the app in your daily practice.

National School Library Standards Card Game
To help explore the AASL Standards and facilitate professional conversation, AASL has created a deck of cards that can be used by school librarians as a professional development tool. This game was designed to aid in conceptualizing the standards, developing implementation strategies, considering differing approaches with stakeholders, and promoting conversation among practitioners.

  • 7 unique decks, 236 total cards
  • Professionally printed and cut with rounded corners
  • Customizable game play instructions available online

Order through the AASL headquarters office.

Price: $25.00

AASL Standards Frameworks Poster
Both an advocacy piece and a resource, this two-sided poster features the AASL Standards Frameworks from the National School Library Standards. One side of the poster organizes the AASL Standards Frameworks by Shared Foundation and the other side organizes by Learner, School Librarian, and School Library. Hang this poster in your collaborative spaces, classrooms, office, or anywhere you and your partners and stakeholders reference the AASL Standards.

Item Number: 5190-1841
Size: 22″ x 34″
$24 ­ |  ALA Members: $21.60

AASL Standards Graphics Products
Decorate your school library spaces with this set of AASL Standards products! AASL Standards Clings promote the Shared Foundations (Inquire, Include, Collaborate, Curate, Explore, and Engage) and the Domains (Think, Create, Share and Grow) from AASL’s National School Library Standards for Learners, School Librarians, and School Libraries. The poster and bookmark feature AASL’s Shared Foundations and Key Commitments. Remind learners and stakeholders of the core values and competencies being advanced through their work in the school library.

AASL Standards Poster | $18.00
Item Number: 5190-1811

AASL Standards Bookmark | $9.00
Item Number: 5192-1811

AASL Standards: Foundations Clings | $36.00
Item Number: 5193-1812

AASL Standards: Domains Clings | $24.00
Item Number: 5193-1811

AASL Standards: 10-Cling Set | $51.00
Item Number: 5193-1813

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