Standards Crosswalks

Meet your collaborators where they are with AASL’s series of crosswalks between the National School Library Standards and other sets of national teaching and learning standards.

School librarians and educators can download separate documents for each national standards set crosswalked by AASL. Other possible standards sets are being reviewed by AASL for crosswalks and will be posted here as they are completed.

Download printable PDFs (11×17) of these crosswalk sets

About the Crosswalks
The AASL Standards Crosswalk Task Force recognizes that sets of standards vary in their nature and level of specificity or generality. When cross-walking standards sets, it is prudent and necessary to leave some interpretation open to the professional educator. Depending on the language used, not all sets of national standards are aligned equally to AASL’s learner, school librarian, and school library frameworks.

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