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    Describe evidences I can collect about my own practice that will resonate with my administrator and more importantly show that I am implementing the new standards. How can I help my administrator see the connection between her initiatives and the new standards?

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    Jeanie Phillips

    Many librarians already have rich evidence of their work at their fingertips: the library website, circulation data, and artifacts from their practice. One of the most powerful things I’ve done as a librarian is to create regular reports about my library. These included hard numbers (circulation, number of classes visiting/using the library, new titles and resources), but also photos and stories about the learning happening in the library. My principal and the school board loved these reports and they helped to keep me accountable to the library mission. My next step would be to rethink this data through the lens of the new standards.

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    I would tie my yearly portfolio to our National Library Standards!!!!

    I would add the Standards verbiage to every entry in my portfolio. The administrator will be able to directly link the librarian’s work to our standards.

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    Mary Keeling

    Today I saw a librarian use competencies in the school librarian “Curate” framework, A2, as she “designed opportunities for first grade learners to explore possible information sources.” When I walked in, she was showing a video clip about a recent dinosaur discovery. At the end, she connected the information to a book she had read earlier, Tek: the modern cave boy, by P. McDonnell. then she showed a slide of the library catalog entries for dinosaurs paired with a picture of the shelf where children could find the dinosaur books. I also noticed a display of “Materials of the week: what do they have in common?” At least six children checked out dinosaur books that day. In addition to her lesson plan and pictures of the instructional sequence, this librarian could show circulation statistics for dinosaur books.

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