Libraries Transform Campaign

Download the Because Everyone Is a Learner infographic to help you spark conversations with stakeholders in your learning communities.

AASL and ALA’s Libraries Transform are collaborating on a campaign that will extend beyond this “Because Everyone Is a Learner” infographic. School library-focused Because statements, supporting data, and downloadable graphics will be available at

In addition, AASL sponsor Bound to Stay Bound Books is funding print distribution at AASL Affiliate state conferences, a spring mailing campaign to more than 90,000 superintendents and elementary principals nationwide, and print advertising in two administrator trade magazines with a combined total circulation of 223,000 readers.

Designed to increase public awareness of the value, impact and services provided by libraries and library professionals, ALA’s Libraries Transform campaign showcases the transformative nature of today’s libraries and elevates the critical role libraries play in the digital age.

Libraries Transform Campaign


Access free resources and tools for spreading the word about the value of libraries.

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