Learners Interpret the Shared Foundations

In this collection of videos, learners explore what each of the Shared Foundations means to them by discussing the ways they Think, Create, Share, and Grow in the school library. These videos are a helpful orientation piece for school librarians just getting started, as well as an advocacy tool to help introduce administrators, parents, and other educators to the National School Library Standards.


Learners describe the steps they take to answer a question and what they do when the answer to their question reveals a new question.


Learners reflect on what it means to Include different points of view in your work and how considering different ideas enriches your learning.


Learners discuss why they like to Collaborate, including how working with in groups helps them solve problems.


Learners talk about why and how they Curate information, and why using different sources is important.


Learners reflect on what it means to Explore in the school library, and what they do when their first try solving a problem doesn’t work.


Learners explain what it means to Engage with information in an honest way, and why it is important to give credit to other people in your work.

Shared Foundation Infographics

This infographic set summarizes Competencies from the AASL Standards Framework for Learners and suggests some actions school librarians can take to get started with the standards.

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