Developing Inquisitive Learners, Critical Thinkers, and Resourceful Citizens

Activity Guide, Applied Framework, and Infographic

To help school librarians develop inspired self-learners with physical and digital library spaces conducive to equitable inquiry, AASL tasked a 2023 ALA Emerging Leaders team with creating a guide for school librarians based on the Inquire Shared Foundation in the National School Library Standards.

Cultivating a culture of inquiry goes farther than teaching research skills and the act of asking good questions. This collection of activities and web resources, pushes school librarians, educators, and learners to consider the importance of the process of inquiry as well as the end-product for learning. At the heart of the Inquire Shared Foundation is information literacy. Learners who can employ an inquiry process to solve problems begin to see authentic purposes for their questions, becoming more resourceful and adaptive citizens. Developing Inquisitive Learners, Critical Thinkers, and Resourceful Citizens is loaded with ideas for embedding the act of inquiry into everything you do with your learners.

Activity Guide | Resource Matrix | Applied Framework | Infographic

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