Every Standard Tells A Story


As school librarians, you know that great stories are not just heard but experienced, and they have the potential to change conversation. Storytelling is a communication skill that can take your advocacy to a new level, allowing potential supporters to connect with your school library in an immediate, meaningful, and memorable way.

The Every Standard Tells A Story campaign is a growing collection of examples of how school libraries are transforming teaching and learning for real people in real places. It is also an illustration for school librarians of the many thing you already do every day that meet the National School Library Standards.

Join the campaign by recording your own stories that illustrate how you harness curiosity, model responsibility, inspire exploration, promote creativity, and deepen understanding for learners, colleagues, and the community.


  • Record your 60-90 second story.
  • Decide which Shared Foundation and framework (Learner, School Librarian, or School Library) your story illustrates.
  • Use one of the branded title slides to label your video story.
  • Upload your video to YouTube and tag it with “EveryStandardStories.”
  • Visit this link to add your story to AASL’s playlist.

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Learn how to build strong messages around your stories when talking with stakeholders in your community

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