Developing Critical Curators Seeking Diverse Perspectives

Activity Guide, Applied Framework, and Infographic


To support school librarians as they strive to develop learners who critically curate their own resources and include multiple perspectives, AASL tasked a 2022 ALA Emerging Leaders team with developing a guide for school librarians based on the Curate Shared Foundation in the National School Library Standards.

Curating stories and information while teaching learners the skills of curation has never been more important. Using this collection of activities and web resources, school librarians will reflect and be inspired as they collaborate with other educators and design school libraries that are places of information access and knowledge sharing. Learners will practice gathering information from diverse perspectives, evaluating and organizing their findings, and reflecting on their understanding of the information. Developing Critical Curators Seeking Diverse Perspectives is rich with ideas for fully embracing the Curate Shared Foundation.

Activity Guide | Resource Matrix | Applied Framework | Infographic



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