AASL District Kits for the National School Library Standards

“AASL District Kits for the National School Library Standards” are available for use by districts to present professional development focused on exploration and implementation of the 2018 National School Library Standards for Learners, School Librarians, and School Libraries. The AASL-developed kits are based on the those developed by the North Carolina School Library Media Association (NCSLMA) for which they were awarded a 2018 AASL Past Presidents Planning Grant.

While the NCSLMA kits were developed for a 7-hour, single-day professional development session, the “AASL District Kit” is flexible enough for districts to plan a single-day event or several one-hour sessions presented over the course of several weeks or months. Each “AASL District Kit” contains materials for 10 participants. Districts will receive the number of kits necessary to serve the anticipated audience size.

Each kit will include:

  1. Facilitator Handbook: Details the training in its entirety. The handbook reviews each one-hour segment, outlines items utilized in each segment, and provides tips/tricks for the facilitators. Each “chapter” will be for a one-hour segment. 
  2. Copies of all required materials as well as supplemental items for distribution. Districts have permission to make additional copies as needed.
  3. One National School Library Standards Card Game.
  4. Report and evaluation forms to be turned in post training. (Forms will also be available online for electronic submission.)
  5. A $50 grant sponsored by Bound To Stay Bound Books for each group of 10 participants to support on-site supplies and refreshments. (Check will be sent separately.)

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