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Be at the forefront of the journey as AASL launches new standards for learners and the profession at the AASL National Conference & Exhibition, November 9-11, in Phoenix, Arizona.

Pre-Order Now

Pre-Order your copy of the new National School Library Standards through the ALA Online Store! Print copies will be shipped in November.


Start unpacking the Shared Foundations that anchor your standards during this preview Twitter chat hosted by AASL on September 18, 6:00 p.m. Central Time, at #AASLstandards.

Evolved and Familiar

Learn how the AASL Standards have evolved to reflect current learning environments while still honoring and carrying forward beloved elements from previous Standards.

Common Beliefs

Featuring updated Common Beliefs for the profession, this article describes AASL’s process for remodeling the standards and developing support materials.

Shared Foundations Infographics

Begin familiarizing yourself with the six Shared Foundations that anchor the AASL Standards Integrated Framework. This collection of infographics summarizes Competencies for learners and suggests starting points for school librarians implementing the standards.

Countdown to the new National School Library Standards